Pyrometer measurements in NSW ‘very close’ to safe level, minister says

An advanced measuring instrument that measures potassium levels in the blood has been “very close” to “safe” levels in Sydney’s north-west, Health Minister David Elliott said.

Key points:Pyrometer is being used by NSW Health to monitor the effects of a range of drugs on the body, including opiatesThe instrument has been in use for about two yearsThe Health Department says it is using it to monitor a range a range from opiates to other substances and to assess the risk to public healthThe instrument, which is made by Elta Systems, is being tested in the north-western Sydney suburb of Lismore.

Mr Elliott said the test results showed it was “well within” safe levels.

“It’s very much within the acceptable range and we are looking at the next step of that test,” he said.

“The [health] department has been working closely with Eltas and NSW Health in the interim and it is looking very closely at it.”

This is very close to the safe range and the test will continue to go on for some time.

“Mr Elliott was asked whether he thought the test had any implications for the wider NSW drug testing regime.”

I’m not going to speculate on that,” he replied.”

There are a lot of drugs that are out there and that are still in NSW.

“And the next question would be to see how it affects our testing regime.”

A spokesman for the NSW Health Department said the agency had not had any complaints about the instrument and that it had not been tested.

He said tests on other drugs were also being done at the site.

“We have a long-term agreement with Etsa Systems to test all drugs, including prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs, which includes opiates and a range which is quite a wide range,” he told