What is a Faro measuring apparatus?

The Faro device is an instrument used to measure deflection, which is a measure of a person’s motion in a confined space.

It has two main functions.

First, it measures the direction of an object’s motion as it passes over or in front of an observer.

If the object’s direction changes, it becomes less deflected.

Second, the Faro system uses a computerized software algorithm to calculate a deflection value.

If a measurement is off by a small amount, it indicates that the object is not moving at all.

The deflection measurement is then sent back to the computer for a calculation.

In the past, the measurements were conducted with the aid of the magnetic field that is created by the Earth’s magnetic field.

The Fero technology has since changed.

The magnetic field is created more easily by lasers.

The device was developed in cooperation with the European Space Agency and has received international recognition.