Obama: ‘We’re going to go to war’ with Iran over uranium

By MICRON MEGRON, Associated PressPresident Barack Obama says the U.S. is preparing for war with Iran and that the country’s nuclear program is “very dangerous” for the United States.

“We have to get rid of that nuclear program, because it is very dangerous, and we’re going for it,” Obama said Thursday.

“This is a war that is coming, and I think we’ve got to go ahead and act,” he said, referring to a possible U.N. Security Council resolution on Iran’s nuclear activities.

“The president said it very clearly.

I think it’s going to be a very dangerous time for the region.

The world will be watching and looking at what happens, and the consequences of what happens,” Obama told reporters aboard Air Force One en route to Japan for a NATO summit.

Obama said his administration is working with Congress to ensure sanctions against Iran are lifted before the July 30 deadline for the lifting of crippling U.n. economic sanctions.

U.S.-Iranian relations have deteriorated sharply in the past few months, with Tehran last month calling the West’s imposition of new sanctions against it “immoral” and threatening to launch an air war against U.s. troops in Afghanistan.

But Obama said Iran’s conduct is not threatening U.world security.

The United States and Iran have different strategic interests in the region, Obama said.

We are not going to tolerate a hostile policy toward Iran and its nuclear program.

Obama did not say if he would authorize a strike on Iran if it went ahead with its nuclear tests.

But he added: “We’re prepared to do so.”

On Thursday, the White House said Obama has been briefed on the details of the intelligence briefings the United Nations Security Council held with Iran earlier this week.

The U.K. and France said the briefings revealed that Iran had tested uranium enriched to 10 percent, but that Tehran’s enrichment program was not in the “high-end” category of enrichment.

“In terms of the Iran nuclear program itself, we have no information at all about any enrichment activity,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Thursday that the U


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