How to use the DeW measurement instrument to measure the amount of moisture in the air

This article is a continuation of an article published on September 10, 2018.

Read moreThe DeW instrument consists of a camera that records images of the air.

When the camera is pointed at the air, it sees the amount that the air contains of water vapor.

It uses that amount to measure air temperature and humidity.

The DeW temperature and moisture are calculated using the formula:DeW = W / VH where:W = the amount in water vapor that the camera sees when it looks at the atmosphereW = temperature of the atmosphereV = humidity of the skyThis is how the DeWs measurements are used in the field.

The temperature and the humidity are calculated based on the DeWinds measurement instrument.

The air temperatures and humidity can be compared using the DeWeather tool on the NOAA Weather app.

DeWeather calculates air temperatures using the Equivalent Weather Observation System, or EWROS, which is based on measurements from satellites and weather stations.

It also uses atmospheric moisture content data.

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