How to measure CO2 in your kitchen

In a bid to keep the atmosphere clean, India has begun to measure and record CO2 levels in its kitchen using a small portable CO2-metering instrument.

The new system is part of a nationwide effort to ensure that the country’s CO2 emissions are kept to a minimum and that food safety and hygiene are taken care of.

In a country of around 12 million, the new measure is likely to help control air pollution and reduce CO2 concentrations in the air.

The air quality monitoring instrument is called CO2 Meter and it is made up of a gas detector and a gas-based indicator.

It was developed by the National Institute of Atmospheric Research (NIA), an independent institute, under the NIA-IEC standard for air quality.

The detector and indicator are connected by a battery-powered wire to a measuring device that measures CO2 concentration in the room.

The instrument measures CO 2 levels in the atmosphere using gas emitted from the stove and can be used to monitor the pollution levels of any household or industrial building.

In India, it is possible to measure the concentration of CO 2 in the house or in any building in the country.

The instrument is available at any Indian food shop.

The detector and instrument are manufactured by RK Chemicals and is priced at Rs 4,200.

The NIA, in its latest assessment, had recommended that the system should be installed in every household to prevent the formation of “foodborne” air pollution.

“The NAA-IEE standard for food safety states that the CO2 emission measurement system should also be installed inside a dwelling unit and at the premises of the dwelling unit,” the agency said in a statement.

The government has also asked states to install the air monitoring system at a minimum level of 25 units in their households.

In a press briefing, NIA chairman N Rajiv Shukla said the NAA is working with industry partners to set up the system and said the new device is being manufactured by a private company.

The NIA is also considering setting up the detector and the indicator for all households across the country, Shuklai said.