Why it’s important to measure your salt content

More than 20 scientific studies have linked high salt consumption to higher rates of dental caries and other dental health problems.

But a new study from the University of Washington shows the exact opposite, which could explain why so many people are still eating so much salt.

In the study, researchers tracked a group of people for two years to see what percentage of them ate salt-containing foods each day.

After the study ended, they looked back and found that nearly two-thirds of the participants had consumed at least a tablespoon of salt a day in their diet.

The findings are in the latest issue of the journal Science.

Researchers say this type of study is especially important for people who suffer from dental carious diseases such as cavities, and who may be more likely to consume too much salt at one time.

But how much salt does it take to prevent dental cariosis?

The researchers analyzed data from more than 3,000 dental cariologists in a large national database.

They determined how much of each person’s salt intake was related to dental carie rates.

The data revealed that, among people who had less than a tablespoon in their mouths a day, there was a very small increase in caries risk.

But, among those who had more than a teaspoon in their mouth, the risk was still lower than the national average.

For people who ate the most, the decrease in cariogenic risk was more than 20 percent.

In people who also had a high salt intake, the number of dental cars was reduced by 20 percent or more.

This means people who were consuming the least amount of salt overall in their diets, but had the highest amounts in their teeth, were still at a higher risk for developing dental caria.

What about the salt content of other foods?

The researchers also looked at other types of foods to see how much is needed to prevent caries.

People who ate a lot of processed and salt-packed foods had lower rates of caries, while those who ate very little processed or salt-laden foods had the same carioid risk as those who did not eat salt at all.

This research is the first to look at how much different foods are linked to different caries rates.

In the future, the researchers plan to conduct a similar study to see whether salt can also prevent cariogenesis.


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