Why are some Indian cities so cold?

Why do Indian cities appear so cold and how can it be helped?

The country has a poor record of dealing with the cold in winter, with the average winter temperature of the country’s cities falling to minus 11 degrees Celsius (minus 16 Fahrenheit).

India’s winters are among the most dangerous on the planet.

In 2016, the country recorded the highest number of reported heat-related deaths in the world.

This winter is forecast to be worse.

In Delhi, for instance, the city is expected to see a minimum of 11.8 degrees Celsius (-18.8 Fahrenheit), which would be almost double the previous record of 7.4 degrees Celsius – 18.6 Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, Chennai, in Tamil Nadu, has been expected to record a minimum temperature of 5.7 degrees Celsius (+18.5 Fahrenheit) by the end of the winter.

The weather forecast for the rest of India is not good either.

According to the Weather Bureau, the northern regions of the state of Uttar Pradesh are likely to see the least amount of sunshine in the winter with only 5.9 degrees Celsius, which is below the previous minimum of 5 degrees Celsius.

But the outlook for Delhi has improved since the start of the year, and the city will have to cope with the cooler weather.

“The forecast is going to be very bad for Delhi.

The city is expecting to have more snow in the coming months, and if the forecast is not bad, then it is possible that the temperature will drop further,” said Manjula Mishra, a senior meteorologist at WeatherBureau.