What you need to know about the India-US Border Survey instrument

India and the US have begun the process of building a joint survey instrument.

The two countries will soon have a joint measurement instrument that will track the movement of goods, people, and people-trafficking across the border.

It is the first such joint instrument in the world, and the first to be developed in the region, said a senior official of the US Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBPPA) who requested anonymity.

The US has already begun building the joint measurement system.

The US Border Patrol has about 10,000 personnel on duty at the border, and they will be stationed at the Indian side, said the official.CBP PA has already deployed its 2,000 employees on the border and is planning to deploy its 4,000 additional personnel at the same time.

The joint measurement tool is expected to be completed by next year.CMPPA officials said the agency has already spent Rs. 6,000 crore to upgrade the Indian border in recent years.

The project will be completed within five years, they said.

The CBPPA will not seek any federal funding for the project, but it will use the funds to improve the infrastructure and modernise the CBP facilities along the border with India.

“We want to be able to get the instrument to a state where it will be in good shape and in a good condition,” said the senior official.

“It is a matter of our own making.

It will be done by us, not by anybody else,” he added.