Why is the World’s Largest Film-Making Company Making Movies About Dummies?

In an effort to help keep audiences entertained and engaged, Paramount Pictures has started putting out movies that use dummies as their main characters.

In addition to its animated feature film, “Laser,” the company has released “The Littlest Pet Shop: Animal Kingdom,” a TV series about a family that runs a pet store, “Paddington,” a musical about a dog, and “Walt Disney’s Aladdin.”

Paramount also recently released a documentary about the film, and it has also produced a series of short films called “Cinematic Dummies.”

The company is currently shooting a short, about a fictional film company called “Aladdin,” and the first installment is slated for 2017.

But in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Paramount CEO Brad Grey called the company’s efforts to make movies about dummies a “great idea” and said he hopes to see more “tangible” uses of these characters.

“I think we’re getting more and more people in our lives who are really fascinated by the idea of a doll,” Grey said.

“The idea that you can have a doll in a movie is a great thing to be able to do.”