When India decides to make an official influenza test, it will have to do it on the spot

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) is in the process of creating a national flu testing site that will allow it to make a test on the premises of a public health centre in a day and a half, officials said.

The site, which will be in Delhi, will allow for all of the testing to be done at the time of the centre’s closure.

“This will help us in making sure that the people in the centre will get tested as well.

We are trying to make sure that they get tested, even if they have not been in the hospital for the last six months,” said a senior NIAID official, requesting anonymity.

According to NIA ID officials, the site will be the first in the country to be implemented in such a way.

The government had earlier decided to make such a test available for free.

As per the government’s proposal, the centre in the national capital will be operated by a consortium of private companies, including one from a company based in Delhi.

Under the plan, the government will cover the cost of the test itself.

The consortium of firms will get the contract for the testing, said NIAId.

However, it is unclear how the test will be funded.

According to the government, the test is aimed at identifying people who might be susceptible to influenza and offering the vaccine to them.

On February 5, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an alert to all states and territories to make flu testing mandatory.

The alert said that the vaccination of people aged 15 to 65 has become mandatory in most states.

In addition, all hospitals will have flu testing machines that can be used for testing in the case of suspected influenza cases, which is currently not done.

Last month, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), which has been monitoring influenza in the US for the past few years, issued an advisory to states and territory to make influenza testing mandatory in a public forum.


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