How to Measure Your Sugar With This Ear Measurement Instrument

Measure your sugar by ear.

And with this handy ear measuring instrument you can measure the amount of sugar you eat.

The device, made by Honeywell and marketed by Nutrisystem, measures sugar by measuring the amount in your mouth.

You’ll need to remove a piece of tape from your ear, or a small piece of paper, and measure how much sugar is in your saliva.

If you have diabetes, you can add some sugar to your saliva, too.

Honeywell said the unit will detect how much glucose your body produces in the mouth.

For a more accurate measure, you might need to wear a mouthpiece.

The device will measure the sugar level in your nose, but you can wear a mask.

You can also take a sugar test by taking a test kit, which has a test tube.

The unit also has a glucose monitor.

The unit has two buttons on the front that you can adjust for speed and accuracy.

There are two color choices for the units.

The light blue button shows a sugar level reading in milligrams per milliliter (mg/mL), and the darker blue button indicates the sugar concentration in milliliters.

The units are easy to use.

The sugar measurement unit comes with a USB cable and two pieces of tape.

The sugar measurement can be taken at home or with a doctor’s prescription.

The devices are sold for $19.99 at Whole Foods.