How big are the world’s biggest measurement instruments?

The world’s largest measuring instruments manufacturer, Measuring Instruments, said Tuesday it expects the United States to be the largest of the three countries it sells instruments to.

The United States is the largest single market for the Measuring Instrument Manufacturers Association (MEAM), which represents more than 30 companies.

The MEAM is responsible for about $1.2 trillion in revenue for the global economy.

But in an annual report last year, the MEAM said its revenues were up 6% last year.

In 2018, MEAM reported that its global sales rose 2.2% to $1 trillion.

“We are confident that the United Kingdom will be the world leader in measurement instruments, and we are looking forward to this opportunity,” MEAM CEO Paul Hargreaves said in the report.

“We believe that the UK will be a natural fit for us as our largest customer.”MEAM’s report said the U.S. market grew 9.2%, to $9.2 billion, with the UK accounting for about a quarter of its total revenue.

The company said its largest markets are Germany ($8.3 billion), Japan ($5.4 billion), the United Arab Emirates ($4.5 billion), Canada ($3.6 billion), Mexico ($3 billion) and South Korea ($2.7 billion).