New technology makes it easier to measure how quickly injuries occur at NHL games

A new technology for measuring how quickly an injury occurs at a game has been installed at the NHL.

The technology, known as “metrology,” was developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and has been approved by the federal government.

The new equipment was installed at New Jersey Devils games in October and November.

The Devils are the only NHL team that has not installed the new equipment.

“We are excited to be using this new technology to improve our performance and safety and to better manage our injury rate,” Devils President and CEO Paul Holmgren said in a statement.

The NHL said the equipment, which was developed at the Corps of Engineering in New Jersey, was approved for use at the games in order to improve injury rates and reduce the risk of injuries.

The equipment has two chambers that allow the measurements to be taken at different times.

The chamber that measures the speed of impact is located at the bottom of the ice and measures the angle of the puck hitting the ice at different speeds.

The chambers also measure the distance from the puck to the body of the player, which is measured from the center of the stick to the top of the helmet.

“The speed of the impact can be measured by the chamber or the chamber is attached to the helmet by a harness, and both chambers are calibrated to measure the speed at which the puck hits the ice,” said Chris Mertz, the NHL’s director of equipment operations, in a press release.

“If the chamber goes slower, there’s less pressure in the helmet, and the helmet reduces the amount of pressure on the head and neck.

It also allows us, if we are on a short break, to see if a player is wearing the helmet.” “

This allows us to monitor the rate at which a player hits the puck and the angle it hits the body.

It also allows us, if we are on a short break, to see if a player is wearing the helmet.”

Merts said the league will provide additional information to NHL teams on how the technology is used, including a review of the data gathered and an analysis of the performance metrics that are used.

“With our new equipment, we are getting a better picture of how our players are performing,” Merty said.

“As a player, the data is going to tell us where we need to improve on.”

The data collected by the new technology will be used to help the NHL identify areas of concern and improve injury prevention.

The game will continue to be played on ice with the new helmets.