How to get rid of scratches on your car’s interior paint

By now, you’ve probably heard of the ‘sticky-paint’ problem, which is the phenomenon where the paint that’s been applied to your car has been permanently scratched.

The term ‘stickiness’ is coined by the makers of the popular car cleaning tool the Paintball.

According to the company, ‘stickies’ are tiny chips that can cause problems when they form in a paintbrush and scratch the paintwork.

If you’ve seen the ‘carpet-biting’ issue on your roof or inside your car, you know what to expect.

It’s common for carpet to rub against a paintwork, causing it to become sticky and sticky-painted.

However, the ‘stink’ that comes from the paint itself can cause some of the car’s most serious problems.

There are some products that can reduce the chance of carpet-busting, and there are some that can remove it altogether.

Sticky paint is a common problem that’s caused by over-application and over-drying of paint.

Here’s how to get out of sticky paint and repair your car.

How to remove sticky paintThe easiest way to remove glue is to use a vacuum cleaner.

But you can also apply an electric sprayer or blow-dryer to remove some of that glue from the car.

This method is especially effective if you’re in a hurry, and you can apply a spray of liquid paint thinner onto the car to help the glue set.

How to dry car paintThe best way to dry your car paint is with a vacuum.

While this method is less effective than a dryer, it’s not impossible.

Once your car is dry, use a cloth to wipe off excess glue from its surface.

Then apply a thin coat of dryer-grade paint thinner to the paint, to help remove excess glue.

Use a blow-torch to blow-dry the car paint.

The wax and sealant methodYou can also spray a mixture of wax and oil on the surface of your car to reduce the chances of sticky-peeling.

Wax is used for protecting the paint from moisture, and oil is used to lubricate the surface and improve the performance of the paint.


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