How to buy the best Apple Watch for $500

In an age where the Apple Watch is so ubiquitous, many of us are reluctant to spend money on a watch that isn’t a flagship product.

That’s why Apple’s Watch Sport is a perfect option.

The Watch Sport features an upgraded version of the iPhone 6S’ aluminum case and has a wider and more rounded display, a faster processor, a built-in camera, and a better battery than the original model.

In fact, it even has a bigger screen!

The Watch Sport comes in two sizes.

It comes in both a 38mm and a 45mm size, and the latter comes with a stainless steel strap that you can add to the watch.

Apple’s watch comes with three different colors for men and women, including black, silver, and rose gold.

We’ll have to wait and see how the Apple watch looks with the new iPhone.

The watch is also a great option if you want a watch without having to pay a premium for the Watch Sport.

The watch also comes with all the features you’ll find in the standard Apple Watch, including Apple Pay, Bluetooth, and NFC.

Apple Watch Sport, 38mm, $499.99,, credit card reader, iPhone 6s, battery, wireless charging, GPS location source Techradar title Apple Watch Sport: Best watch for under $500?

article It’s not the best-looking watch on the market, but the AppleWatch Sport is still one of the best value options for $499 or less.

It features a faster, more powerful processor, larger display, and better battery life than the $549 Apple Watch.

Apple Watch owners will find that the Sport also comes equipped with NFC, Bluetooth 4.1, and Apple Pay.