UK: The number of people using gas masks has plummeted to one in four

From BBC News: A quarter of people in the UK are using masks at least once a month, with a record low in February as gas masks and respirators become more popular.

The figures, released on Tuesday by the UK government, show the number of gas masks used has dropped from 24% in January to 18% in February.

They show a 2.7% drop in the number using masks since the beginning of the year.

The numbers are the lowest recorded in the last two years.

There are currently more than 7 million people in Britain who use masks, but the government said the trend is likely to continue, with more people switching to masks.

The UK is the only developed country to have a cap on the number people using masks, with the cap set to be lifted in March.

Gas masks, which can be worn for several hours at a time, are widely used by healthcare workers, school teachers and government officials.

The government has urged people to wear them to protect themselves against the risk of getting the respiratory virus SARS, although some campaigners have raised concerns about how effective they are in preventing it.

Gas mask use was a big issue during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the UK, there were a record 6,723 deaths in April from respiratory infections linked to coronaviruses, according to official data.

The number who died from coronaviral-related coronavaccine was also at its highest since April 2015.