How to measure the circumference of your hand

A new method has been developed that can help us measure how much of a person’s hand is covered by a shirt.

The new technology, developed by researchers at MIT, is called the Infrared Microwave Spectrometer (IMS), which is designed to measure parts of a body’s surface that aren’t normally visible to the naked eye.

The goal of the new technology is to better understand how we can better control our body’s health by measuring the thickness of our hands and fingers.

The IMS is a high-powered infrared camera that can measure the thickness and shape of your fingers and hands, and a portion of the body’s internal organs.

The camera can be placed in the palm of your hands and the camera is programmed to take multiple photos of the hand.

The data from the images is then converted into digital data that can be analyzed and used to predict the thicknesses of your body.

The method is based on the concept of “contrasting” an image of the same part of a model with another image of that same part.

This method allows for the researchers to measure both the thicknessness and shape characteristics of different parts of the model, like the fingers and fingers of a human, while allowing for the comparison of the measurements to a known model.

The study was published in the journal Science.